samskrit stands out above all other languages for its beauty of sound, precision in pronunciation and reliability as well as thoroughness in every aspect of its structure.
samskrit is probably the only language which has not changed its form for many millennia. The reason for the constancy in samskrit is that it is completely structured and thought out. Hence the name samskritam – Samyak Kritam meaning ‘completely – made’ or ‘perfectly made’.
samskrit is science, hence objective. samskrit is an art, hence an experience. samskrit is wisdom, hence a tool for introspection that paves way for transformation. samskrit is natural, hence in favour of a building a healthy environment.

With such a background samskrit is not a mere language. It’s a golden gateway to understand the nature within and outside us. samskrit is also a medium to assimilate and disseminate our ancient scriptures.
This precisely is the reason why learning samskrit is a multilevel effort which makes it as easy as one takes it or as challenging as it can get at times. It is up to an individual to choose a path that paves way for growth in the direction he aspires to.

  • Basics
  • Grammar (Vyaakaranam)
  • Spoken samskrit Classes
  • Text based Studies
  • samskrit Scriptural Studies
  • Nyaaya
  • Vedanta
  • Kaavyaas etc