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Tattwamasi is a way of expressing our reverence to the ancient India’s sages and their priceless wisdom. We are a group of people who deeply value the essence of ancient wisdom and knowledge.

Our core team consists of scholars who have studied scriptures following traditional methodology in Gurukulas for 12 years. Additionally they also possess a practical proficiency of the traditional knowledge gained.

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Vedic Rituals
for individual's benefit

Rituals are external formalities aimed at impressing some spiritual idea.
Tattwamasi encourages and engages people into meaningful and a logical set of rituals that can bring about a wellbeing in the self and thereby in the society. We aid in conducting these rituals at an individual level based on specific requirement. Our confidence roots in the knowledgeable Acharyas who are committed to

  • Mantra shuddhi (Perfect pronunciation)
  • Tantra Shuddhi (Impeccable execution)
  • DravyaShuddhi (Finest materials used)
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Ancient Indian Wisdom

We strongly believe in empowering people by enhancing their knowledge and enriching their emotions. Three ways of achieving this is to research, teach and implement the knowledge practically.

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Vedic Trainer

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