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Sanskrit – A window to ancient India

Sanskrit is science, hence objective. Sanskrit is an art, hence an experience. Sanskrit is wisdom, hence a tool for introspection that paves way for transformation. Sanskrit is natural, hence in favor of a building a healthy environment.

With such a background Sanskrit is not a mere language. It’s a golden gateway to understand the nature within and without. Sanskrit is also a medium to assimilate and disseminate our ancient scriptures.

This precisely is the reason why learning Sanskrit is a multilevel effort which makes it as easy as one takes it or as challenging as it can get at times. It is up to one to choose a path that paves way for growth and development of self and the society.


Sanskrit Learning Class

  • Basic
  • Grammar (Vyaakaranam)
  • Spoken Sanskrit Classes

Sanskrit Scriptural Studies

  • Nyaaya
  • Vedanta 
  • Kaavyaas etc