Tattwamasi is a way of expressing our reverence to the ancient India’s sages and their priceless wisdom. We are a group of people who deeply value the essence of ancient wisdom and knowledge. Our core team consists of scholars who have studied scriptures following traditional methodology in Gurukulas for 12 years. Additionally they also possess a practical proficiency of the traditional knowledge gained.

We strongly believe in empowering people by enhancing their knowledge and enriching their emotions. Three ways of achieving this is to research, teach and implement the knowledge practically.

  1. We teach Sanskrit and thereby make people read and understand the scriptures on their own and gauge its merit and worth to the contemporary world
  2. We teach Yoga and thereby make people find the required balance and equilibrium in their life
  3. We teach Scriptures and thereby make people become aware of, appreciate and realise the treasure of knowledge
  4. We assist in people’s yearning to find peace and eventually themselves by performing rituals meaningfully

Individuals’ primary purpose of life is to live happily. But, in today’s context, either a subjective introspection or an objective investigation would make the humanity unhappy about its own progress. Alas! Such has been the destruction of nature and the value system of life on the whole! At this juncture, comprehension of a ‘Holistic living’ is the need of the hour.

Incidentally, our ancient knowledge and culture has the efficacy to furnish remedies for many of the current human maladies in different spheres. We owe this knowledge to the prodigious rishis who encapsuled their treasured learnings in many ancient literature. The sum and substance of these thoughts can be summarized as – ‘a timeless journey from an ego-friendly life to an eco-friendly life’.

Vedas which are a cornerstone to the Indian scriptures, help man to achieve simultaneously two principles

  1. Relinquishment of the Egotism
  2. Replenishment of the Nature

With these two principles form the core viewpoint तत्त्वमसि, we decided to play an instrumental role of formulating modules to understand the intricacies of ‘Holistic Living’ with a lens of philosophy with an earnest quest for truth.Tattwamasi is an attempt to understand and bring forth the beauty, spirit and essence of our ancient knowledge heritage and introduce an ideal model of an integrated, nature friendly living system that stands as the pillar to a rich healthy society.

  1. Disseminate the theoretical knowledge coupled with the empirical wisdom.
  2. Research and develop organized modules based on the ‘Holistic Living’ of ancient India
  3. Financially assist traditional Sanskrit scholars and channel their intellectual abilities in broadening the idea and conviction related to ‘Holistic Living’
  4. Build awareness about the inevitability of such an integrated life system among commons
  5. Practically showcase the possibility of such an integrated life system in modern day situations by conducting workshops