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Sanskrit testimonial1

Samskrita classes conducted by Tattwamasi and the guidance later on has taught me a lot and helped me to further study this language. This has helped me to read and understand epics like Raguvamsha. I express my profound gratitude to her for providing this opportunity to me.

K S Sharma

K S Sharma

R. Nagaraj

Having graduated from the traditional school of Veda, a ‘GURUKULA’, his basic knowledge of Veda, Chanting, Sanskrit language etc., is immense.

R. Nagaraj , B.Tech(Hons), IIT (KGP), Retired SBI employee, Ex- IIMB

Saraswati Laxminarayan

His teaching style is Traditional and knowledge comes from disciplic succession. He has lots of patience during the teaching and corrects the chanting as required.

Saraswati Laxminarayan, Chief enterprise architect, insurance and capital markets at NTT DATA

Sailaja Uppalapati

It has been a privilege to be part of the group to attend Bhagavad-Gita, DurgaSaptasati& Veda classes from few years at AtmaDarshan Yoga Ashram. The trainers of Tattwamasi are wonderful with deep spiritual knowledge. He teaches with utmost dedication and also ensures that we continue to practice all our learnings. Looking forward to attend yoga & Sanskrit classes as well.

Sailaja Uppalapati, B.Tech,Computer Science, IT professional from USA


I always had an aspiration for learning Veda in a formal way… By God’s & Guru’s grace, blessed to be a student of such a scholar from past 2 yrs& 8 months It’s a divine experience to understand the different dimensions of Vedas as our Guru inspires us to expand our knowledge by giving us topics & work on them..

NirupamaSreenivasa, Civil Engineer, Certified Yoga trainer & PGD in Yoga

Chivukula Koundinya

“वागर्थाविव सम्प्रुक्तौ वागर्थप्रतिपत्तये | जगतः पितरौ वन्दे पार्वतीपरमेश्वरौ”

I feel blessed and privileged to attend the Veda Classes conducted by PoojyaGuruvulu. As they say a lifetime is not sufficient to learn & master the Vedas, a mere two hours/week probably won’t justify it. But these two hours has brought lot of insight into my life and how I live it. Despite of group learning, there is individual attention given to each student which really helps in learning/correcting ourselves (I have been to classes elsewhere, where I could not see this). Apart from learning the Veda mantras syntactically and phonetically, we get to learn about the semantics and the deeper inner meaning of the mantras and how they can be applied to our way of life. This is one thing which stands apart. Discussions are mutual where thoughts/ideas/arguments of every student is welcomed. We are honored to have a teacher who has immense knowledge in the subject and more importantly how it has to be seen or the practicality of it in today’s world of Kaliyuga. It is not an ‘Athisayokthi’ to call our teacher as ‘PumbhavaSaraswathi’ owing to the knowledge he has and service being done to propagate it. I hope to continue as his Shishya for as long as I could.

Chivukula Koundinya, Native of Hyderabad living in Bangalore, work as a Software Engineer for Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Meena Santosh

The Tattwamasi teachers are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about every aspect of Veda. Our guru is an awesome teacher who knows how-to train new students efficiently. He is extremely patient and he ensures his student has mastered the lesson accurately. He provides wealth of information which is immensely valuable. I enjoy my weekly lessons and look forward to my classes. I highly recommend the coaching and training with Tattwamasi.

Mrs. Meena Santosh, Director, Product Management, Aerospace Industry, Los Angeles, California

Meena Santosh


I have been learning Veda and other chantings from the classes of Tattwamasi, close to 3 years. It’s been a wonderful learning. Appreciate his dedication and commitment in teaching. It’s just not Veda and chantings, we get to learn lot of other things related to spiritual practices. My heartfelt thanks to our Sir for his precious time and best wishes to him for his future endeavours.

Poornima, Yoga trainer